Balasan surat di bawah :

Janeto Aneton
14 Brigestone Street
New York, NY 239001

Your ref : AA/NA/12B
Our ref : CL/LH/14

31st October, 2011

Mr. Anwar S. Agus
Purchase Manager
Jln. Jendral Sudirman
Semarang 20003
Dear Mr.Agus,
Thank you for your letter of 21 october, inquirying about our latest catalogues, price-list and term of payment.

We are pleased to enclose our new catalogues, price-list and terms of payment together with samples of our promotional products.

We hope you will find our prices and terms satisfactory and look forward to receiving your first order.
Yours sincerely,

Chanely Lamous
Marketing Manager


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