Joni Workshop

Indonesian furniture is often made in small workshop, like the picture you can see of joni’s workshop on the right. If you look carefully at the picture, you will be able to see the top of a round table. Joni sells a finished table like this for around Rp600.000.

When Indonesian furniture is exported, the final price that customers pay is often many times higher than price at a workshop. This is because when the furniture leaves a workshop it is often bought by a trading house. The trading house then sells it to an agent for an overseas buyer. The furniture is transported to the buyer’s country in large containers on ship. Then, when the furniture arrives in the buyer;s country, it is either taken straight to a shop for sale to customers. Or it can go to an agent’s warehouse. From the warehouse it is sold to a shop, and then finally to a customer. Every time the furniture is moved or sold, its price goes up.


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