Rupiah and dollar

The “A to Z” of world currencies goes from the “Afgani”, used in Afghanistan, through to the “Zloty”, used in Poland. Each of these currencies have a different value when compared to another currency. Often a country’s currency is linked to a ‘hard’ currency, such as UK ‘pound’, European ‘euro’, or the US ‘dollar’.

The value of each currency changes on a daily basis. Companies that are involved in international trade need to look at currency exchange rates when they are doing business with other countries. People who are travelling to other countries also need to think about the currencies that they will need to use in the countries they are visiting.

In Europe, every country in the European Union used to have its own currency. All of these countries trade with each other and people often travel from one country to another. In the past, people were always having to change the currency that they were using. In march 2002, most European countries stopped using their own currencies and changed to a new single currency called the ‘euro’. Britain decided to keep the ‘pound’ and did not change to the ‘euro’


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