Subject, Verb, Complement, Modifier

In August 1997, Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris. She had been on holiday with the new love of her live. He was Dodi al Fayed, the son of a very rich businessman.
    During her holiday with Dodi, photographers followed them everywhere. On the last evening of their holiday they went to the Ritz Hotel in Paris, a hotel owned by Dodi’s father. They had a meal and then they left the hotel to go to Dodi’s apartement.
    What happened next will probably be agrued about for many years to come. Some people say that Diana and were murdered to stop them from marrying. Other people say that they died because their driver, Henry paul, had drunk alcohol before he got into the car. But, whatever the reason, Diana and Dodi were killed with their driver when their car crashed in an underpass on a Paris road.

•    Subject        
•    Verb           
•    Complement   
•    Modifier


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