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The movie focuses on Daphne (Diane Keaton), the loving but over-bearing mother of three girls, in particular Milly (Mandy Moore). Her other daughters Maggie (Lauren Graham) and Mae (Piper Perabo) are happily married but Milly has recently broken up with her boyfriend, and Daphne is concerned.

Daphne fears that her daughter cannot find a good man on her own so she secretly places a personal ad for her daughter. She finds a potential candidate, Jason (Tom Everett Scott), and tries to orchestrate a chance meeting of the two. The plan seems flawless until Milly finds her own date, guitarist Johnny (Gabriel Macht), who happens to be a candidate Daphne rejected before. Milly is unaware of her mother's scheming and begins relationships with both Jason and Johnny at the same time, with neither aware of the other.

Inevitably, this double-dating takes its toll and Milly becomes estranged from both Jason and Johnny. In Jason's case, it is because she discovers Daphne's scheming. Meanwhile, Daphne stumbles upon her own perfect match after being alone for many years and begins to challenge her search for the 'perfect' match for Milly. Milly also realizes she has a choice to be the daughter her mother wants her to be, or to be the woman she wants herself to be. Choosing the latter, which comes with a row with her mother, leads her to reconcile with Johnny, a relationship Daphne has realized is what she should never have tried to orchestrate in the first place.

•    Diane Keaton as Daphne Wilder
•    Mandy Moore as Milly Wilder
•    Gabriel Macht as Johnny Dresden
•    Tom Everett Scott as Jason Grant
•    Stephen Collins as Joe Dresden, Johnny's father.
•    Ty Panitz as Lionel Dresden, Johnny's son.
•    Lauren Graham as Maggie Wilder-Decker
•    Colin Ferguson as Derek Decker, Maggie's husband.
•    Piper Perabo as Mae Wilder
•    Matt Champagne as Eli, Mae's husband.
•    Zachary Gordon as Little Arthur (Uncredited)

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