Men in Black III

MIB-3 opens with a woman (Nicole Scherzinger) walking into a high-security prison, carrying a cake intended for a dangerous prisoner, Boris the Beast (Jemaine Clement). However, hidden inside this cake is a tarantula-like alien, which cuts off Boris's shackles and frees him. Boris then escapes by gaining control of a huge gun and blowing apart a hole in the wall, through which the guards are sucked out. The prison , Lunarmax, is located on the moon.

Boris comes to earth with one mission: to go back in time to 1969 and kill Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), who had cut off his hand and imprisoned him in 1969, and had deployed a protective shield, called ArcNet, around the earth which protects humanity from alien attacks. At a crash site in Manhattan the MIB team clean up. K is more taciturn than usual and J tries to engage him in conversation. At the office K does a brief eulogy for the recently deceased Z. K refuses the say what happened in 1969 and J cannot find any info in the history files. They go to a Chinese restaurant to follow a lead, the owner and customers are all aliens. After a wild blaster fight Boris escapes and goes to an electronics store, a fellow prisoner in Lunarmax had let him know there was a time travel device.

At home, K waits for Boris to come and get him, but suddenly fades away. K's partner J (Will Smith) suddenly finds himself in an alternate reality where K had died in 1969 trying to arrest Boris, nobody in the MIB agency has known K except O (the new head of the agency, Emma Thompson), and the ArcNet does not exist anymore. Boris's species, the Bogladites, are all around the earth, preparing for an invasion. To set things right in the past, J has to travel back in time, save K and make sure the ArcNet is deployed. He goes to the same electronics store and convinces the proprieter to use the time travel device. They go to the top of the Chrylser Bldg, J jumps off to get the necessary velocity, and goes back to July 16, 1969. He steals a car and drives to Coney Island to find Boris. Boris kills another alien and as J lines him up for a shot he is tasered by a young Agent K (Josh Brolin) who is much friendlier than the older K. Though he does not fully trust J, they both get along well, and K eventually believes J's story that he's from the future and his reason for being there. At a party at "The Factory" they meet Andy Warhol and another alien, Griffin, who has the power to view several alternate dimensions simultaneously and thus predict the future. Griffin likes the Earth and hands over the ArcNet to K and tells K to attach it to the top of Apollo 11, the first manned mission to the moon, which is due to be launched the next day. Boris finds his way there and kidnaps Griffin, but he is saved by the two agents.

J, K and Griffin make their way to Cape Canaveral using huge jet-packs arriving 15j minutes before the launch. They are stopped by the security but Griffin makes the security head, a Colonel, witness the future and the importance of the mission, who then escorts the three of them to the launch gantry to reach the rocket's top. Here, Boris from 1969 as well as the Boris who travelled back from the present, attack them, but after a long fight both of them are defeated, and the ArcNet is attached to the top of the rocket which gets deployed when the rocket exits the atmosphere.

However, the 1969's Boris is still alive, and tries to kill K. The Colonel saves K's life but ends up being killed by Boris. Instead of arresting the alien K kills it. From the nearby truck, the Colonel's son walks up to K and shows him the pocket watch his father had given him.. The older agent J watches from a distance, and seeing the watch realizes the dead militaryt officer was his father. K walks along with young James along the beach, and it is implied that he took care of the child and took him under his wing all along.
In the final scene we see J and the present, older K having pie together. K informs J that the Bogladites have been extinct for the past 40 years. J is relieved as he realized his mission in the past had been successful, and the duo exit the diner. Griffin, sitting nearby, says that it's his favourite occasion in human history, but with one flaw. Since K forgot to tip the waitress, we see an asteroid headed towards earth on a collision course. However, K returns and leaves a tip, at which instant the asteroid collides with a satellite and is destroyed, and the closing credits roll in.

Kode M-TIX     : ME3D
Pemain               : Agent J (Will Smith)
                            Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones)
                            Agent K's (Josh Brolin)
Produser             : Walter F. Parkes, Laurie Macdonal
Produksi             : SONY PICTURES
Sutradara            : Barry Sonnenfeld
Sumber               :


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